Vector is a security product series comprised of QS-100, QM-100, QA-100 that meets the demand for persistent movement monitoring, intrusion detection and situational awareness. This easy-to-install, low visibility system gives real-time alerts to pedestrians, vehicle movement, digging, gunshots, and drones in the vicinity of one or more seismic-acoustic sensors. The Vector product line delivers the only situational awareness solution with a three dimensional 360º detection sensitivity in air, water and the earth.

Quantum’s seismic-acoustic solutions allow our customers to confidently conduct business anywhere in the world while efficiently protecting key assets vital to their success. Leveraging the ability to covertly monitor human movement creates an awareness zone that proactively alerts to potential issues with significantly higher probability of deterrence. 

Vector alerts to potential threats that occur outside the hard perimeter, each with its own sphere of detection. Unlike any other single or combination of legacy technologies, our solutions enhance situational awareness, improve resource allocation, and better mitigate risk. 

Quantum’s SADAR® product’s seismic acoustic detection and ranging border tunneling detection technology is proven to be a ground breaking tunneling detection and location capability. Not only can subsurface activity be located, but the source of energy can be classified as well.

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Small, man-portable and re-deployable single sensor systems are ideal for short to medium-term monitoring. Highly power efficient, and capable of long distance communication.

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For fixed assets, this multi-sensor solution is designed to scale from small asset perimeter protection to long-distance linear deployments with flexible communications & power.

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QA-100 with SADAR™

This multi-sensor array deployment uses more advanced algorithmic capabilities to expand detection distances, direction finding and tracking of the target alert source.

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non line of sight intrusion detection


Unlike other intrusion detection and movement monitoring solutions, Quantum significantly extends situational awareness beyond the fence line. Quantum’s Vector series solutions provide actionable intelligence through line of sight barriers including man-made structures, topography, weather and darkness.



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Expanded Awareness Zone

Our perimeter security solutions classify and track the location and type of intrusion not only at and within a security perimeter, but well beyond, out to a more extensive awareness perimeter. An expanded awareness zone enables proactive security, where threats can be identified and more effectively deterred or neutralized before doing harm.

Omni-directional Sensitivity for Air, Water, and Earth

No other single solution detects, classifies, and tracks potential threats from any direction and in any medium. From the air, on and underwater, tunneling, driving, walking, we cover all potential intrusion channels seamlessly.

Integration Friendly

The Vector product line integrates effectively with existing security infrastructure to augment and validate the intrusion detection performance of many Physical Security and Enterprise Security Information Management systems.  They are designed to be a low impact to IT/Security integration and can be used to lower communication/data recording bandwidth and storage and drive more efficiency of existing camera systems.

Non-Line-of-Sight Detection

Our technology detects and interprets vibrations in the earth. In-ground vibrations travel long distances, undisrupted by visual obstructions, darkness, topography, vegetation, or other cover. Unlike security solutions that require visual contact, such as guards or surveillance cameras, our solutions don’t require a line of sight for detection, classification, or reporting.

Unparalleled Detection Ranges

Our seismic sensor solutions detect and track potential threats from great distances. For example, a walking threat is detected more than a football field away. Vehicles can be detected beyond 1,900 feet away. Aircraft threats can be identified more than a mile away. Waterborne threats alert more than half a mile away. We can detect tunneling within 100 feet.

Layered Security Platforms

As the tip of the spear, Vector products are out in front of the defense-in-depth process and prepares additional systems to deter potential bad actors as they approach an asset much sooner and with greater confidence.  Vector can add minutes to response times and auto queue proactive deterrent devices increasing Probability of Deterrence and mitigation of loss.

Concealable Installation

The concealed nature of our seismic sensor security solution is minimally vulnerable to discovery, avoidance, or compromise. Unlike surveillance cameras or perimeter fences, threats are unaware of the presence of our technology and therefore don’t seek ways to overcome it. Our anti-tamper algorithms would alert the user.

Infinitely Scalable Solutions

Our solutions are infinitely scalable to provide intrusion detection for assets ranging from an acre in size to thousands of miles in length. Scalability matters for surveillance along pipelines, railways, waterways, and borders. Regardless of size and scope, the system delivers a single stream of actionable information to a user interface or into existing security platforms.

Extremely Low False & Nuisance Alarm Rates

Vector products are designed to detect/classify with a very high degree of confidence so that what is displayed is actually a potential threat and deserves attention.  Paired with other sensors, Vector’s early classification and auto queuing capabilities drives Sensor Fusion validation that drives down Nuisance alarm rates even further to reduce NAR fatigue and wasteful chasing of “bogeys” that may trip up other sensors working by themselves.