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Vector is the Future of Perimeter Detection

By February 25, 2016September 17th, 2016Testimonial

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Electronics Engineer Staff/Security Systems Integration at Lockheed Martin

I don’t usually go out of my way to “advertise” another company’s products, but QTSI isn’t just another company…

I had the pleasure of working alongside Quantum Technology Sciences on an oceanic detection grid study a few years ago, and was very impressed with their professionalism, willingness to listen, and their efforts to provide us with the best solution possible. Today, I continue to be amazed by their forward thinking and innovative product lines. As a security integrator, I’m always looking for industry-bending solutions to access control and intrusion detection weaknesses…and QTSI’s Vector products definitely fit that criteria.

From their website, QTSI states Vector “detects, classifies, and tracks potential threats from any direction and in any medium. From the air, on and underwater, tunneling, driving, walking, we cover all potential intrusion channels seamlessly.”

A concealable, non-line-of-sight detection product, Vector not only can detect and track potential threats at great distances; QTSI’s identification algorithms can also identify the type of threat; from a person walking on land, to boats on water, to planes/drones in the sky.  Vector products are also not hampered by vegetation or other sight blocking obstacles; perfect for use in heavily overgrown areas like Florida, where I’m based.

I encourage all other security professionals to think outside the box and explore Quantum Technology Sciences and their Vector products…they’re doing amazing stuff.

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