Leaving My IP Video Security Comfort Zone to Focus on Selling Some Cutting Edge, Non-“Me Too” Security Stuff…

…or How I Learned to Love Defense-in-Depth and Not be Married to Any One Technology Eric Mardian An oft said refrain but true in a lot of respects is, “If you’re good at selling, you can sell anything.”     Yes, anything from sporting goods to jet liners in fact! And why not? If you’ve got sales fundamentals down, the requisite experience, and are a good, eager learner, you too could go from selling baseball gloves and timeshares to wind turbines and offshore drilling platforms (somebody must sell those platforms, right?). In my case, it wasn’t quite the quantum leap to go from…
January 10, 2017
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Deterrence Drives Next Gen Grid Security

How to protect assets using awareness zone technologies  BY MARK TINKER, Quantum Technology Sciences Theft, destruction, disablement, vandalism, and terrorism: any of the aforementioned words receive the attention of organizations with susceptible critical assets. Physical security and its costs, benefits, and risks are becoming more important as each day passes. Important, not only from a safety and security point of view, but also from the perspective of its value to operations, strategy, and even the overall bottom line. INTRUSIONS Historically, physical security mainly described stopping intrusions such as by installing physical barriers around substations. Traditional sensors, if any, monitored critical…
March 23, 2015