Quantum’s technology is the first and only physical security solution capable of using a single concealed sensor to detect and automatically classify potential threats on land, underground, in the air, and in the water. The technology comprises three custom components – a specialized sensor, a processing node, and state-of-the-art signal processing algorithms. Each is designed and built to work seamlessly as an integrated system delivering groundbreaking performance by exploiting the information-rich energy persistently propagating within the earth.

  • SENSOR is solid state (no moving parts), extremely sensitive, and broadband. It’s highly durable, with no maintenance, and very low cost.
  • NODE controls all activities including state of health, communication, power management, and highly efficient, computationally intensive signal processing.
  • SIGNAL PROCESSING involves detection, classification, and tracking. Quantum’s techniques differ from common and impractical “pattern matching.” Instead, characteristic features of each target are identified and exploited to provide alerts with direction-finding ability while maintaining extremely few false alarms.

The resulting solution offers significantly greater detection ranges than are currently available, without needing a line of sight to an intruder. It auto-classifies threat type to human walking, digging, automobile, light aircraft, or motorized boat.


Quantum’s systems have been integrated and proven with several different tactical control center architectures. The node performs a complex conversion of technical data for transmission via any wired or wireless link.

The packet of information integrates easily with any existing security operation centers, or cues line of sight technologies such as cameras, radar, or UAVs for further assessment. It can also activate deterrence measures such as strobe lights and sirens.

Game Changing Solution

[twocol_one]When an advancement displaces earlier technology, as the Quantum product line does, it represents a fundamental shift in the way an industry views its capabilities. Our proprietary combination of Smart Sensors with the sophisticated algorithms running in our Smart Nodes breaks new ground in the tired field of buried sensors. Never in history has a solution delivered the detail and discernment of Quantum’s offerings. Imagine being alerted to a potential threat long before it penetrates your security perimeter. It all starts with the premise that everything emits energy. The challenge lies in sensing that energy, detecting the signal of choice, and then deciphering the information the signal contains.

This is what we do. This is all we do.

Our scientists have created detection and classification algorithms that are similar to voice recognition, but for the earth. These trade secret capabilities intelligently adapt to dynamic environments and convert signals into actionable information.[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

Information that matters.

We discovered that our ability to analyze data vastly exceed the quality of the information within the data itself. Traditional sensors just did not produce the data quality necessary. It was like listening to Charlie Brown’s classroom teacher.

So, we set off on a mission, a mission to create a better sensor. Not only did this sensor have to be better at sensing the vast array of targets of interest, it also had to be more sensitive and thus able to detect targets from a greater distance. It also had to be lighter, more durable, and able to conform to various deployment needs.

Mission Accomplished

We succeeded in developing a vastly superior solution to proactively surveil assets. The resulting technology revolutionizes the concept of a buried sensor leaving the unattended ground sensors of yesterday in the distant past.[/twocol_one_last]

Our technology is a sensor. It is an algorithm. It is an electronic digital signal processor.

Combined like never before.