Robert Nieman, PMP, PSP

Vice President, Programs and Applications Engineering


As SVP of Defense and Intel, Mr. Nieman oversees programs with the US Federal government ensuring the continuity and efficiency of product development. Mr. Nieman has two decades of experience in personnel management and critical Department of Defense systems. His experience spans from U.S. Navy nuclear power plants to space launch communications systems. He is board certified by ASIS International in physical security.

He joined Quantum in 2007 as a program manager for a large Government critical monitoring contract. In 2009, he became Director of Business Development and later Portfolio Manager for Quantum’s government programs.

He began his career at SAIC where he served as a program manager for the US National Data Center and a manager in Space Launch Communication Systems.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Educational/Instructional Technology from Southern Illinois University. He earned a Master of Science degree in Computer and Information Sciences from Webster University. He maintains certifications as a project management professional and an ISO lead quality auditor. He is a member of ASIS.

“In all my years in technology prior to joining Quantum, I had never experienced anything quite like what we are able to do. Who knew a foot step produces signal two football fields away? It is revolutionary.”

– Robert Nieman