Quantum Market Releases Gunshot Detection Feature

By November 17, 2015 QTSI News

Now better perimeter security with gunshot detection added to pedestrian, vehicle and digging classifications.

COCOA BEACH, Fla.–Quantum Technology Sciences, an intrusion detection and situational awareness solution provider, is releasing a real-time gunshot detection and classification capability for their Vector series seismic-acoustic technology platform. The concealed solution enhances critical asset situational awareness by providing real-time notification of gunshots fired from rifles, handguns, or shotguns of multiple calibers and gauges from distances up to 500 meters from the deployed sensors without needing line of sight. The technology will immediately report gunshots fired, date and time of activity. The gunshot alert information can be delivered into a security command center at remote locations as well as be sent by text message to mobile devices for operators in the field.

The Vector system helps improve the safety of employees and first responders by notifying them to initiate safety protocols in the event shots are fired. It’s easily integrated with control system architectures to notify security personnel, cue cameras or activate deterrence devices. Additionally, when shots are fired within the system’s footstep/vehicular range, it can offer insight for ingress / egress of bad actors. The technology provides a 360º sphere of awareness to eliminate blind spots.

Quantum’s concealed sensors are tuned to process all incoming signals, but send alerts only on the selected classifications. For example, the highly selective algorithms distinguish between a substation circuit breaker clamping closed or a thunder crack and a gun being fired.

“A useful analogy to understand the role of seismic-acoustics in physical security is to consider our own experience as humans. When an unexpected gunshot occurs, we will hear the sound and immediately turn our heads to its point of origin. Our ears drive where our eyes look,” says Quantum CEO Mark Tinker, PhD. “Quantum provides an initial alert like our ears and then easily integrates with other technologies to slew cameras like our eyes or activate deterrence measures.”

The company’s core technology is the first and only security solution capable of using a single concealed sensor to detect and automatically classify potential threats on land, underground, in the air and in the water. The commercial product line offers significantly greater detection ranges than are currently available on the market without needing a line of sight to an intruder, which prevents a threat from being obscured by darkness, terrain, or other obstructions. Adding gunshots to the classification suite of pedestrians, vehicles and digging allows Quantum to consolidate into a single solution what previously required multiple technologies to accomplish.

The classifier is available this month on the Vector series QM-100 and QS-100 products. It is also easily added on existing Quantum deployed solutions.