Prison Security

Enhanced Perimeter Security Awareness

Keeping Out and Keeping In

Today’s prison designs do an excellent job of keeping inmates contained within the confines of the property. But with todays’s modern complexities, prison perimeter security systems have to evolve to keep the security detail safe and secure as well as protecting inmates. Modern slingshots, i.e. drones, are now becoming more mainstream delivery tools to deliver contraband inside the prison perimeter. Detecting the outside couriers and their devices has become paramount in prison perimeter security to preventing contraband such as phones, drugs, tobacco and weapons out of the hands of the inmates.

Awareness and Detection

Beyond the Perimeter

Most camera systems in prisons are designed to monitor the exterior fence line and Roosevelt corridors along the facility.  Many contraband smugglers use the cover of nearby woods or infrastructure to mask their approach, then dash out, sling their contraband or fly their drone over the fence line and then quickly egress from the site.  Knowing that unauthorized vehicles or pedestrians are skulking about will enable security details to prevent or apprehend couriers before executing their delivery.

Monitoring Activity

For prison perimeter security, being able to clandestinely monitor pedestrian or vehicular traffic along non-line-of sight approach lanes allows security details an opportunity to get out in front – and enhance the correctional facility’s overall defense-in-depth.
Quantum’s Vector Series address some the key challenges of prison perimeter security systems:
  • •Human movement, vehicular movement and gunshot detection from a single device to help security operators detect activity and determine potential intent
  • •Integrate alerts to LOS devices like remote cameras or UAVs to drive operational efficiencies to investigate courier intrusions – strengthening the defense-in-depth posture
  • •Better understanding of the type of threat on the perimeter gives more information to the reaction teams to understand what threat they are facing
  • •Cost effective security for hardening the perimeter for Correctional regulatory compliance and managing Risk Assessments
  • •Develop pattern of life around an asset and detect anomalies to alert to abnormal activity