Situational Awareness

Unparalleled Non-Line-of-Sight Intrusion Detection & Surveillance

QM-100 Seismic-Acoustic System

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Superior Detection Ranges

Increases time and space for proactive security

Concealed Installation

Difficult to evade or disable

Non-Line-Of-Site Detection

Detects targets that are visually obstructed

Layered Security Platforms

Cues other resources to look & verify

Extremely Low False & Nuisance Alarm Rates

Trusted alerts when there is actually a target

Classifies Targets in Earth, Water, Air

A single land-based sensor monitors all domains

Integration Friendly

Easily augments and enhances existing security

Broadly Scalable Solutions

Reduces countless assets to a single data stream


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QM-100 Seismic Acoustic Sensor System Overview

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Quantum Technology Sciences offers expanded security awareness through a Multichannel Seismic-Acoustic Sensor System. This easy-to-install, low visibility system meets the demand for beyond the perimeter persistent movement monitoring, intrusion detection, and real-time situational awareness.

The basic Multichannel System is configured to detect and classify human footsteps, motor vehicles, and digging. Whether the need is to expand the security awareness zone beyond the perimeter, or to extend the awareness zone for long distances, Quantum’s Multichannel System does both. Based on each customer’s specific security awareness requirements, Quantum determines the number and deployment pattern of multichannel nodes that will provide the awareness zones needed.

This Multichannel System is the building block for a situational awareness solution that has three dimensional 360º detection sensitivity in air, water and the earth. Vibrations in the earth are converted to signals by each sensor and are immediately analyzed by the node automatically. The sensors don’t require line-of-sight with the signal source to detect it. When the system determines that the vibrations are from a programmed signal of interest, such as human footsteps, the node immediately transmits (wired or wireless) an alert message to the user interface. Each alert message informs the user which sensor generated the alert, the type of signal detected, and ancillary information like state of health.

One monitoring station can operate with inputs from multiple multichannel nodes. Customer needs dictate the type of monitoring station, such as a command center computer, remote laptop, smart phone, or other security architecture.

Expanded security awareness zones for any particular application are created using an optimized combination of Quantum sensor systems. The Multichannel System has the advantage of 8 to 16 sensors all serviced by a single node. Example deployments are: along a boundary or perimeter; around a valued industrial asset; near a military or government facility; to help secure critical public infrastructure such as pipelines, pumping or power stations, or a political border. The system can be deployed by itself in a stand-alone role, or can be easily integrated with other systems and architectures.

Installation is typically done by a Quantum certified installer, or by trained users. For each sensor of the Multichannel System, the installer digs a small hole approximately 6” in diameter and 12” deep, places the sensor at the bottom of the hole, and refills the hole, packing dirt tightly around the sensor. Spatial orientation of the sensor in the ground is not critical, which simplifies deployment. Only the sensor itself must be buried. The node and connecting cables can also be buried to make the entire system extremely difficult for intruders to detect or defeat, or placed above the surface for easier access. Multiple sensors with each node allow great flexibility and deployment options.

The sensor deployment pattern is designed to support the specified security awareness zones required for monitoring and alerting on the activity of interest. Each installation can be temporary or permanent, with deployments as small as a single multichannel node to establish a security awareness zone around a fixed asset, or as large as many multichannel nodes along an extended perimeter or deployed along miles of pipeline, boundary, or border.

Algorithms for other signal sources of interest, such as motorboats and powered aircraft, are available as custom options. The standard monitoring station software supplied with the product is normally installed on the customer’s user interface. In Map view, coded icons display at each sensor’s position. These icons indicate the sensor’s state of health, and information on alerts. When an alert is generated, the sensor icon changes to a symbol for the type of source classified, and that symbol remains as long as that same signal is present. Additional information is available by hovering the screen cursor over the sensor.

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Download the full QM-100 Seismic – Acoustic Sensor Data Sheet DOWNLOAD

A MULTICHANNEL SYSTEM with a 900Mhz communication package is deployed with from 8 to 16 sensors per node, and must have a base station to receive node messages via wireless radio for the user interface, as shown above. Each base station and user interface is able to support many multichannel nodes and all their individual sensors. Employing four (4) multichannel nodes in combination generates the system configuration shown at right. As shown, the nodes are positioned to ensure clear communications between the node and the base station.