Mark Tinker

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Tinker serves as CEO and board director for Quantum Technology Sciences. Under Tinker’s leadership, Quantum has expanded its focus beyond advanced research and development of next generation ground based systems to now include national and industrial security and surveillance product lines.

Mark’s entire career has focused on transforming the way information propagating within the earth can be exploited to society’s benefit, and spending his entire professional career at Quantum has allowed him and the company to take advantage of his skills as a scientist, innovator, high-tech entrepreneur, and teacher.

Most recently, as CEO he oversaw the company’s acquisition by Geospace Technologies, a geophysical data acquisition company. It is the desire of the two companies that together Quantum Technology Sciences and Geospace Corporation will become a global leader in the application of geophysical sensing for energy exploration and security interests.

When he took the helm as President in 2006, he introduced Quantum’s geophysical data acquisition, analysis, and systems expertise to a wide range of U.S. government customers. The company performed advanced research and development for organizations within Defense, State, Intel, and Health and Human Services.

When he joined Quantum in 1998, Tinker was tapped to lead the Quantum team within the U.S. Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC), which is responsible for monitoring Nuclear Test Ban Treaty compliance. Quantum went on to win the US National Data Center Phase 3 contract in 2005.

Mark earned his Ph.D. in geophysics (focus on nuclear seismology) from the University of Arizona, and he is grateful to the U.S. Air Force for providing the vast majority of his funding.

“Seismology isn’t just for earthquakes. You would be amazed at what we can do just by listening to the earth. What I love about Quantum is our engineers are able to create product that does what our scientists say is possible. That, combined with our relentless pursuit of societal relevance, is thrilling. After all, if we are not making someone’s life safer or just better, who cares?”

– Mark Tinker, Ph.D.