Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Strengthen Security Posture with Non-Line-of-Sight Technology

Autonomous Seismic Acoustic Detection

Non-Line-of-Sight Detection & Classification

You don’t know what you can’t see, hear or feel. Quantum’s solutions and services are designed to illuminate what potential threats are lurking just out of sight. The technology relays that information back to security systems and personnel so they can make better informed decisions and potentially prevent something from happening before it begins.

Quantum’ seismic acoustic technology capability detects and classifies vibrations from all directions, all the time, providing a persistent three dimensional awareness zone of security on, above, and below its surrounding environment. These systems can detect low-flying light aircraft from over a mile away, classify and track walking and vehicular threats through a visibly impenetrable forest, alert to underground digging, and manage multiple intrusions simultaneously from a single system.

Technology Immediately Reports

• Pedestrian walking
• Vehicles driving
• Gunshots fired
• Tunneling activity
• Date and time of activity
• Sensor location of detection

The alert information can be delivered into a security command center at a remote location or be sent by text message to mobile devices for operators in the field.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection for Situational Awareness

An asset’s security perimeter is the terrain over which the asset’s owner has control. Beyond the security perimeter is additional terrain that can act as a zone of awareness, with its maximum extent defined as the awareness perimeter.

Quantum products intelligently classify the location and type of intrusion not only at and within a security perimeter, but well beyond, out to a more extensive “awareness perimeter”. Quantum’s seismic acoustic detection and classification solutions alert when a potential threat has penetrated the awareness perimeter but not yet the security perimeter. This extended awareness zone expands overall situational awareness and supports a proactive security response to stop intruders or threats before they reach a secured asset or cross a secured perimeter.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System Performance