The following movie is a direct screen recording from a demonstration conducted at our facility in Florida. From time to time, it’s helpful to have this pre-recorded version when bandwidth issues or weather conditions prevent us from safely having staff in the field.

Video Overview

  • The primary image is the Quantum System Monitor interface. This can be displayed independently or integrated into existing graphical user interfaces for video / access control / PSIM architecture.
  • The top right side of the screen shows the view from a simple PTZ camera covering the site. We will slew the camera during this demonstration to show the potential targets of interest when they come into view.
  • The bottom right shows a simple GPS tracker each demo participant is wearing. This will serve as the ground truth for the demonstration.   You’ll note a delay between this screen and the video screen typical of transmit/receive variances in those technologies.
  • The blue dot in the Northwest corner of the lower screen begins to approach our asset. For the purpose of this demonstration, let’s use the large circle in the center of the screen as our asset.

First Alert at 100+ meters

Our first sensor alerts to the presence of human footsteps more than 100 meters out.  The camera slews to look for the person.  We still don’t see person yet, but our second sensor has alerted to his presence. It takes about 40 seconds after we get our first sensor alert for the potential threat to emerge from the tree line.  It’s a great way to fully see the value of a non-line-of-sight technology.

As our intruder continues, he has yet to realize that he has been observed.  This is an ideal time to engage an active deterrent such as strobes, audio messages or other technology to encourage the bad actor to alter course.

Increased Probability of Deterrence

With an active deterrent used, our intruder communicates to his team to abort and begins to flee. He calls for a pick-up and we see our Northern most sensors indicate the presence of a vehicle. This gives us situational awareness as to the avenue of approach taken by the get-away vehicle and also reflects Vector’s ability to classify multiple targets within a network.
Watch the top right camera, as we see the vehicle approach and make a wide turn to pick up the intruder. As they flee, we can see the sensors continue to indicate the vehicle at a great distance.

Vital Time in Life of an Asset

The events reflected in this video may be the most impactful 2 minutes and 32 seconds in the life of a critical asset.  Our mission is to engage those with similar motivation to mitigate risks to assets and/or the personnel who operate them.