Border Surveillance

Situational Awareness Beyond and Below Physical Barriers

360º Covert Border Security Situational Awareness

Quantum offers solutions for real-time awareness along the border through advanced unattended surveillance sensor systems. Quantum’s patented sensing technology was specifically designed for tactical applications to automatically detect, classify, and localize energy sources in the earth, air, or water. By leveraging this seismic-acoustic energy, Quantum’s advanced unattended surveillance sensor technology detects potential threats before they are seen or heard to support border security. 

A single technology detects & alerts to Digging, Pedestrians, Vehicles, Motorized Watercraft, Ultralights, & Gunshots.


Security Applications for Borders

  • Situational Awareness at the Border
    • Virtual Wall
    • SMART Wall
    • Compliment line of sight technology
    • Reinforce the physical boundary
  • Route Monitoring & Tracking
    • Remote, covert deployments
    • Easily deployed for short-term temporary installations
  • Leverage 360º awareness for border crossing activity on land, in water, in air and underground

Hardening and Surveilling the Border

Regardless of country, borders tend to vary in terrain and topography. One thing that remains consistent is the energy propagates through the earth. Quantum’s border security solutions leverage the energy the footsteps, vehicles, gunshots, and digging put into the earth. Quantum’s advanced unattended surveillance sensors have proven effective at long range detection of ultralights. Quantum uses seismic acoustic detection and ranging border tunneling detection technology capability for subsurface monitoring.

Quantum’s Vector Series addresses some of the key challenges of situational awareness for border security:

  • Non-line-of-site detection of potential border crossers before they are seen or heard – this defense-in-depth capability
  • Lower cost for 24/7 protection of remote border areas and sensor fusion capabilities to increase validity of alerts improve operator efficiency
  • Less than 5% nuisance and false alarm rates decreases NAR response fatigue
  • Earlier detection leads to higher probability of deterrence to thwart crossings before they occur
  • Develop pattern of life around an area to increase patrols