Intuition to Intelligence™



Border Surveillance

Situational Awareness Beyond and Below Physical Barriers


International Border Security

Not all borders are land-based


Delivering Covert Physical Security and Operational Information


Intrusion detection and movement monitoring solutions


QA-100 with SADAR™ Named 2015 Security Product of the Year by ASIS



For those that put their lives in harms way, every day, information that keeps them one step ahead is  vital.  Being able to detect and alert on potential threats through varied terrain  is paramount for survival. 

Tunneling Activity Detection

Seismic Acoustic Detection and Ranging Border Tunneling Detection Technology,  a ground breaking tunneling detection and location capability. SADAR® not only detects subsurface activity, but classifies and locates it.

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Actionable Information

The technology relays that information back to security systems and personnel so they can make better informed decisions, perform holistic analysis of the entire border, and potentially prevent something from happening before it begins.

Voice Recognition for the Earth


Years ago, we set off on a mission, a mission to create a better sensor. It had to be more sensitive, lighter, more durable, more forgiving.


The result? We created a concealed solution capable of detecting, classifying, and locating potential threats on land, underground, in the air, and in the water.


It all starts with the premise that everything emits seismic-acoustic energy. Everything. The challenge lies in sensing that energy, no matter how faint or how complex, and then exploiting it.


We deliver information that matters

This is what we do. This is all we do.