Water/Waste Water

Protecting What is Essential For Life

Security Applications

  • Water Treatment Plant Security
  • Chemical Storage
  • Groundwater Reservoir Security
  • Aquifer Environmental Protection
  • Well Security

Hardening Treatment Plant Security

There is more to protecting the security of the community’s water.  Clean water is necessary and a precious resource to protect from unwarranted access by bad actors.  Consider also that in many cases these sites use and store caustic chemicals that if released or stolen could cause widespread chemical contamination if spread unto the wind.   The industry has been quietly hardening security to these vital facilities often with stretched financial and personnel resources.

Monitoring Access

Protecting Water treatment facilities and the chemicals within is challenge with plants located in rural as well as urban areas. For facilities in urban areas, where intrusions are more likely due to easier access and likelihood of slower reaction – knowing what is moving in and around the site when nobody is there is critical information that can make the difference in response times and ability to deter or apprehend intruders.

Quantum’s Vector Series addresses some of the key challenges of protecting Water Treatment Plants and Fresh Water Storage :

  • Human movement, vehicular movement and gunshot detection from a single device to help security operators detect activity and determine potential intent
  • Integrate alerts to LOS devices like remote cameras or UAVs to drive operational efficiencies to investigate validated intrusions – strengthening the defense-in-depth posture
  • Better understanding of the type of threat on the perimeter gives more information to the reaction teams to understand what threat they are facing
  • Cost effective security for hardening the perimeter for EPA and Chemical regulatory compliance and managing Risk Assessments
  • Develop pattern of life around an asset and detect anomalies to alert to abnormal activity
wastewater treatment plant physical security