Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Strengthen Security Posture with Non-Line-of-Sight Technology

Build Defense in Depth by Adding a Sense for Security

Increased Situational Awareness

Vector’s innovative, patented ground sensor technology automatically delivers actionable time and space to facilitate proactive response for physical security threat deterrence or interdiction.

With Vector, you establish a Quantasphere around your asset, which is a zone of awareness that extends beyond the hard perimeter in all directions, irrespective of line-of-sight constraints.

In turn, this builds a defense-in-depth posture that makes a good system better by providing early awareness of potential threats. It also provides “pattern of life” analysis, which integrate activities across both time and space to provide indicators of historical or future threat activity around all of your assets, simultaneously.

probability of deterrence against perimeter breachPROBABILITY OF DETERRENCE

The key to deterring intrusions lies in delivering real time information of unwanted activity beyond the hard perimeter. This provides the time and space necessary to interact with the potential threat before any physical barriers are breached and the threat is now real and fully committed.

In other words, the Probability of Deterrence significantly increases when cameras and deterrence tools are more effective at repelling the potential threat.

actionable information for perimeter securityACTIONABLE INFORMATION

A security capability that provides actionable intelligence sooner and with greater accuracy establishes confidence, the confidence to act, and this builds a better defense. We deliver valuable security and operational information to our customers because we understand that validated information leads to rapid, accurate decision making.

Vector products detect/classify with known degrees of confidence so that the subsequent action is prompt and appropriate. Layered with other systems, Vector’s early classification and auto queuing capabilities enhances Sensor Fusion validation that drives down Nuisance alarm rates even further are reduces NAR fatigue.