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The critical infrastructure community is inextricably tied together and interdependent on each other and law enforcement for their security, business growth and consumer protection. We are in an era of heightened security where newer and more sophisticated unseen threats are always emerging. Staying ahead of them is more complex and costly with each passing year. Ensuring you have the right mix of hardware, software and personnel is critical to your safety and competitiveness in the market.

While each sector has unique security situations, they fundamentally have the same requirements for mitigating risk to their business:

Ability to Strengthen their Security Posture

Deepen an asset’s defense-in-depth capability by detecting and classifying potential threats and possibly gunshots outside the perimeter sooner and with greater accuracy.

Improve Security Operations Effectiveness

Cost-effectively increase the probability of deterrence by improving security interoperability, operations and response times that result in bottom-line savings.

Mitigate Risk

Protect key assets critical to business success while simultaneously strengthening alignment with evolving compliance/legal requirements.


electrical transmission physical security

Electrical Transmission

oil and gas physical security

Up/Midstream Oil & Gas

US Mexico border

Border Surveillance

nuclear power plant physical security

Nuclear Power

communication infrastructure physical security

Communication Infrastructure

waste water physical security

Water/Waste Water

chemical refinery physical security

Chemical Refineries