Power Generation

Protecting the Heart of National Security

Evolving Utility Security Complexity

Utilities face daily challenges from physical and cyber threats at an increasing pace; matched only by the evolving business model complexities that are also shaping the nature of security as we move through the 21st Century.  Security of the supply chain of fuel, especially that of LNG, is as paramount as protecting the substations transmitting the electricity.  Adding the complex nature of securing upstream assets and the impact of loss of power to downstream customers translates into consumer confidence and ability to thrive in volatile times.  Utilities have to consider all of the impacts that may affect growth.

Electrical Utilities

  • Power Plants

  • Site Security

  • Equipment Security

  • Fuel Storage and Transport

  • Compression Station Security

  • Above and Underground Storage

Keep the Energy Flowing

The rapid closure of coal-fired plants and adoption of LNG as a dominate fuel source are changing the dynamics of power generation and creating new security challenges to protect the upstream flow of fuel to the power plants. Razor thin margins, protestor disruptions, overhead costs or negative publicity impact corporate valuation and affects its competitiveness today and in the future.

Quantum’s Vector Series addresses some of the key challenges of protecting these vital assets

  • – Improve front-line intrusion detection as a part of the perimeter, key choke points or along pipeline right of way to increase detection of potential trespass activity
  • – Non-line-of-site detection of intruders, digging and gunshots before they are seen or heard – this defense-in-depth capability increases your capability to pass CIP regulatory audits 
  • – 24/7 monitor vehicular traffic around the plant to keeping tabs on mobile workers/security and possible intruders that may be using remote fire roads to penetrate the property
  • – Less than 5% nuisance and false alarm rates decreases NAR response fatigue and improving operator efficiency
  • – Earlier detection leads to higher probability of deterrence to thwart minor bad actors before vandalism or theft occur
  • – Develop pattern of life around an asset and detect anomalies to alert to abnormal activity