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Quantum Partner Program

Quantum Solution Providers resell Quantum Technology Sciences technology combined with their expertise and services to design, plan and deploy industry leading securitry, operational and safety solutions for critical infrastructure, military and governmental clientele.

The Quantasphere is an ecosystem of partners improving safety, increasing defense-in-depth and driving our customer’s business forward with safe and secure environments to work within.  For our partners we focus on delivering technology that helps you secure your clients and mitigate risks, lead with innovation and cost effective solutions that grow your business.

Our Partners

Centremis Security

Centremis is the pre-eminent global provider of elite turnkey security services focused on personnel and asset protection, security operations, and safety/medical/security training.  Centremis provides stability and security services throughout the US and the world to include austere environments, areas facing armed conflict, epidemics, and natural or man-made disasters.

Charter Trading

For over 25 years, CTC has specialized in providing highly skilled and capable teams to install, operate, and maintain IT, communications and security assets used by US military and Critical Infrastructure organizations engaged in counter-terrorism/narcotic/insurgency and disaster relief operations in austere or hostile environments throughout the US and Latin America.

Next Gen Security

NextGen Security, a DHS SAFETY Act Designated company, provides comprehensive, end-to-end, integrated security solutions. Security services include: security systems consultations, security compliance consultations, engineering, security systems design, project management and coordination, security systems installation and commissioning, general construction, security integration, security systems training, maintenance and service plans.

NMR Consulting

NMR’s services range from on-site help desk facilities and state-of-the-art network design to risk management and logistics support. We continue to be leaders of cutting edge IT technology by constantly investigating emerging technologies to incorporate into our networks and services. While completely customizable, our services are specifically targeted to government contracts in the defense, intelligence and health industries.

Rational Point

Rational Point is a consulting and Information Communication and Technology integration company, with deep knowledge and robust solutions in Security, Smart Cities and eGovernment. The company continuously researches the market for the best available solutions for their global client base. They work with governments and corporations helping identify and execute innovative security solutions.

Shields Electronics

Shields Electronics Supply is a leading distributor in the security, communications, data, industrial, wire and cable, and electronics markets in Tennessee. They combine superior product offerings with unparalleled technological expertise and innovative solutions, which provides customers state-of-the-art solutions from industry leading manufacturers. Their Value Added approach to distribution helps customers specify solutions and make informed purchasing decisions that result in increased performance and profitability.

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