Upstream/Midstream Oil & Gas


Balancing energy independence, jobs and environmental protection is not easy accomplishment for the Oil & Gas industry.  Incidental digging and even malicious factions work against OAG companies with the best of intentions without always understanding the risk they pose to themselves, the livelihood of company employees or the environment.  Finding tools that can dual purpose for security and operational roles to protect key assets positively impact OAG stewardship of environment and growth of the business.

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  • Upstream
    • Well Head and Equipment Yards
    • Wastewater Containment Sites
    • Post Extraction Site Monitoring
  • Midstream
    • Pipelines
    • Compression Stations
    • Above and Below Ground Fuel Storage Sites


Oil and gas assets are typically spread over very wide geographical areas and require a lot seat time with security or operational team patrols. Simplifying and validating unwanted intrusions or identifying unwanted digging or operational anomalies.

Quantum’s Vector Series addresses some of the key challenges of protecting these key assets:

  • Integrate alerts to LOS devices like remote cameras or UAVs to drive operational efficiencies to investigate validated intrusions or digging activity
  • Non-line-of-site and clandestine installation detection keep a low profile and make the security system hard to detect. of intruders and gunshots before they are seen or heard – this defense-in-depth capability increases an assets capability to pass regulatory audits
  • Lower cost for 24/7 protection of remote assets and sensor fusion capabilities to increase validity of alerts improve operator efficiency
  • Less than 5% nuisance and false alarm rates decreases NAR response fatigue
  • Earlier detection leads to higher probability of deterrence to thwart minor bad actors before vandalism or theft occur
  • Configurable as a perimeter to surround an asset or linear for right of way security
  • Develop pattern of life around an asset and detect anomalies to alert to abnormal activity
gas pipeline physical security