Mitigate Risk

Be a Step Ahead with Defense in Depth

Operate Safely & Confidently

Increasingly, the security key assets are being scrutinized either for some form of regulatory compliance, insurance necessity, or simply for business enablement. Being one step ahead and prepared with a strong, layered, defense-in-depth posture around critical facilities mitigates the risk of potential disruptions or fines.

Thus, security has become a business enabler by hardening of assets and creating business opportunities to operate safely and confidently in high-risk or high-visibility areas where failure is not an option. This competitive advantage drives your bottom line.

probability of deterrence against perimeter breachPROBABILITY OF DETERRENCE

With a Vector solution in place, the emphasis is on deterrence, rather than on reacting to successful security breaches. Deterred intrusions reduce prosecutions, repairs, reports, reputation damage control, service interruptions, and other resource and time consuming tasks. Deterrence also lightens the loading of local law enforcement organizations, and contributes to the confidence and job satisfaction of your security operation employees.

increase safety with perimeter securitySAFETY

Enhancing situational awareness reduces a host of risk elements resulting in improved safety.  Not only is the direct safety of employees improved, but the downstream safety of customers reliant on the good or service.

Strategically, having a higher level of security for an organization can be an inducement for establishing company operations or entering markets in locations previously considered too risky due to security concerns. Improved safety by risk reduction prevents balance sheet losses while maintaining quality customer relationships.