Increase Operational Efficiency

Positively Impact Your Bottom Line. We Prove It Pays to Listen.

Security & Operational Collaboration

Today, it’s increasingly accepted that collaboration between security and operations yields positive benefits. For both security and operations, the reaction culture remains ever important. Yet, being able to validate our intuition and react sooner with a high level of confidence reduces operational expenses and results in increased uptime.

Vector Series solutions offer ways to positively impact your bottom line and prove it pays to listen.  As a force multiplier, Vector enhances operational and security efficiencies by providing 360°/24/7 situational awareness that spans the security and operational spectrum.

Vector preserves its data to support prosecutorial activities. Its real time alerts and “pattern of life” capability also support your physical security and local law enforcement interests.


Corporations seek to protect their people, assets, information, and infrastructure systems while providing safe and reliable service at reasonable prices.

Vector systems can be on duty around the clock, and never fall asleep, get distracted, or take bribes.

In the case of a determined, non-deterrable threat or a security breach, Vector’s response is real time, accurate, and valuable. The solution classifies the nature of the potential threat (pedestrian, driving vehicle, a UAV, approaching by boat, gunshots, etc.), and tracking its proximate location, its direction from the asset, or its actual location, even if the threat cannot be verified due to line of sight issues. The useful information delivered enables a more effective security and operational response to the situation.


A security tool that provides actionable intelligence sooner and with greater accuracy builds a better defense. This pays for itself in reduced losses, lower security operations costs, and robust brand image, while also providing a competitive advantage when working in high risk/high value markets.

seismic acoustic sensor technology for critical infrastructure security