Communication Infrastructure

Keeping Lines of Communications Open

Bad Actors or Bad Jumpers

Security concerns for Communications providers vary widely.  Loosing phone, Wi-Fi and Internet access is an inconvenience for consumers but could be disastrous for first responders and those responsible for public safety and emergency response.  Other key concerns are cost containment from preventing material theft and litigation from BASE jumpers’ families when thrills turn to death and they seek compensation despite their trespassing.

Security Applications for Communication Infrastructures 

  • Tower & Maintenance Building Access
  • Construction and Storage Yards
  • Handholds, Manholes, Buried Ducts & Raceway Access
  • Right of Way Digging Monitoring

Monitoring Access

Communications assets can be distributed over large and remote geographies making it difficult to patrol effectively and creating gaps where trespassers can gain easy access or inadvertently dig where key communications lines can be buried.  Assessing trespassing events before bad actors enter the property allows security operators to react or call in local law enforcement sooner.

Quantum’s Vector Series addresses some of the key challenges of protecting Communication Infrastructures:

  • Human movement, vehicular movement and gunshot detection from a single device to help security operators detect activity and determine potential intent
  • Integrate alerts to LOS devices like remote cameras or UAVs to drive operational efficiencies to investigate validated intrusions – strengthening the defense-in-depth posture
  • Better understanding of the type of threat on the perimeter gives more information to the reaction teams to understand what threat they are facing
  • Cost effective security for hardening the perimeter for FAA and other regulatory compliance and managing Risk Assessments
  • Develop pattern of life around an asset and detect anomalies to alert to abnormal activity
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