Chemical Refinery

Rigorous Security Regulation

Potentially Spectacular Event

While an attack on any given chemical refinery may not cause a critical infrastructure breakdown, the impact on the community psyche, potential loss of life, the environment and corporate public image could be devastating.  Ensuring security has the back doors protected from access via remote or a wooded area is vital to ensure that unexpected visitors are not approaching via a blind spot. 

Security Applications for Chemical Refineries

  • Refinery Plant Security

  • Storage Facility and Transportation Yards

  • Railway Switch/Storage Lines

  • Potential Approaches

    • Land Approach – Plant Security

    • Water Approach

    • Light Aircraft Approach

oil refinery industry physical security

Complex Site Security

Refineries are challenging security environments.  They are busy, noisy located in both urban and rural locations, offer numerous ingress points and perimeter security needs can vary from one side of the plant to the other.   Having security tools that can detect and verify human or vehicular traffic, gunshot activity and limited line of sites can plug those awareness gaps can be very valuable in strengthening the defense-in-depth posture.

Quantum’s Vector Series addresses some of the key challenges of protecting Refinery facilities:

  • Human movement, vehicular movement and gunshot detection from a single device to help security operators detect activity and determine potential intent
  • Integrate alerts to LOS devices like remote cameras or UAVs to drive operational efficiencies to investigate validated intrusions – strengthening the defense-in-depth posture
  • Better understanding of the type of threat on the perimeter gives more information to the reaction teams to understand what threat they are facing
  • Cost effective security for hardening the perimeter for regulatory compliance and managing Risk Assessments
  • Develop pattern of life around an asset and detect anomalies to alert to abnormal activity