Intuition to Intelligence™


Border Surveillance

Situational Awareness Beyond and Below the Wall

Gunshot Detection

Real-time Alerts to Multiple Weapon Calibers

Delivering Covert Physical Security and Operational Information

Intrusion detection and movement monitoring solutions

QA-100 with SADAR™ Named 2015 Security Product of the Year by ASIS

drone detection intrusion

Mitigate Risk

Increasing Probability of Deterrence directly impacts your BOTTOM LINE.

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Strengthen Your Security Posture

 Detect and track the unseen beyond the fence line with covert NON-LINE-OF-SIGHT TECHNOLOGY.

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security operations collaboration perimeter security

Improve Operational Efficiency

Enhanced collaboration between Security and Operations YIELDS COMPANY-WIDE RESILIENCE & RELIABILITY. 

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Sectors We Serve

electrical transmission physical security

Electrical Transmission

oil and gas physical security

Up/Midstream Oil & Gas

US Mexico border

Border Surveillance

nuclear power plant physical security

Nuclear Power

communication infrastructure physical security

Communication Infrastructure

waste water physical security

Water/Waste Water

chemical refinery physical security

Chemical Refineries



Voice Recognition for the Earth