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Increasing Probability of Deterrence directly impacts your BOTTOM LINE.

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 Detect and track the unseen beyond the fence line with covert NON-LINE-OF-SIGHT TECHNOLOGY.

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Enhanced collaboration between Security and Operations YIELDS COMPANY-WIDE RESILIENCE & RELIABILITY. 

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SECURITY INFOWATCH: Perimeter Intrusion Feature


electrical grid securityThe facts are simple, straightforward, well-known, and unsettling. Gunfire and power utility substations are not friends. There are people in America with the means and motivation to disrupt local, regional and even national power distribution. In 2013, the Metcalf substation shooting highlighted the vulnerability of the nation’s electrical grid and became a case study regarding the expense of repairing and hardening of electrical system assets. Metcalf was an iconic event but multiple other shootings preceded it and have followed in Florida, New York, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Vermont, and Arizona.

Gunshot Detection Released
gunshot detection


Vector series seismic-acoustic intrusion detection solution enhances critical asset situational awareness by providing real-time notification of gunshots fired from rifles, handguns, or shotguns of multiple calibers and gauges from distances up to 500 meters from the deployed sensors without needing line of sight.

The technology will immediately report gunshots fired, date and time of activity. The gunshot alert information can be delivered into a security command center at remote locations as well as be sent by text message to mobile devices for operators in the field.

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